Please vote for Dave Kerzner “Stranded”- Nominated for “Anthem of the Year” by Prog Magazine Awards

Thank you Prog Magazine for nominating my song “Stranded” from my debut solo album “New World” to be voted upon for “Anthem Of The Year” at the 2015 Progressive Music Awards! It truly is an honor to be recognized amongst my peers and musical heroes like Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson and so many others.

If you want to support me you can vote for “Dave Kerzner – Stranded” in the “Anthem Of The Year” category here:

You can vote for artists in other categories here:

I don’t know how long the voting lasts for so if you’re going to do it then please do it soon! To everyone who has already voted for my song to win this honor, I can’t thank you enough. Awards aren’t the end all be all. But, it’s what it represents that matters. Even being nominated is rewarding. However, if I’m going to fly back to England to attend this award ceremony I want to at least give a little speech to show my gratitude. In other words, I prefer to win! Haha! So… what do you think? Reasonable pitch?