Dave Kerzner Releases “New World Live” Progressive Rock Album

Sept 13th, 2016, Miami, Florida – Dave Kerzner, co-founder of the progressive rock band Sound of Contact, has released a live album called “New World Live” on his Independent RecPlay label. It features his debut solo album “New World” performed live in its entirety. The Dave Kerzner Band, with two separate line ups in the US and UK, consists of Kerzner on lead vocals, keyboards and guitar, Durga McBroom, long time vocalist for Pink Floyd and her sister Lorelei McBroom on backing vocals, fellow SOC band mates Matt Dorsey and Randy McStine on guitar and bass, Fernando Perdomo on guitar, Stuart Fletcher of Mantra Vega on bass, Alex Cromarty of Mostly Autumn on drums and Derek Cintron on drums.

photo by Howard Rankin

photo by Howard Rankin

photo by Howard Rankin

photo by Howard Rankin

The album combines songs recorded from two shows to create one seamless concert listening experience following the story of Kerzner’s futuristic concept album. One show was recorded in Miami, Florida just days before Dave Kerzner and band performed on Yes’s Cruise To The Edge in November 2015 and the other at the famous Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Netherlands for the Prog Dreams V festival on April 2nd, 2016.

“New World Live” is now available for download from iTunes, Amazon and popular download sites including Kerzner’s own Sonic Elements Bandcamp page: http://sonicelements.bandcamp.com

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Two CD versions of “New World Live” are coming out this month, one with all 77 minutes of “New World Live” on a single CD and another “Extended Edition” which includes an additional bonus disc featuring Durga McBroom singing “Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd and a medley of Sound of Contact songs all performed by the Dave Kerzner Band plus three brand new studio tracks.

A “New World Live” concert video is also coming soon on DVD and Blu Ray.

New World Live Album Track List:

Stranded Part 1-5
Into The Sun
The Lie
Under Control
Crossing of Fates
My Old Friend
Ocean of Stars
New World
Redemption (Stranded Part 6-10)

Link on Bandcamp: https://sonicelements.bandcamp.com/album/new-world-live

Extended Edition Bonus Disc Track List:

Lucky Man
The Field
Great Gig In The Sky
SOC Medley: Mobius Slip pt 3, Omega Point, Not Coming Down

Link on Bandcamp: https://sonicelements.bandcamp.com/album/new-world-live-extended-edition-bonus-disc

NWL Extended